Spread Betting

Trade tax-free with TeraFX (UK Clients only). Spread Betting allows you to speculate on the price movement of a financial market.

When spread betting, you are not buying or selling an underlying asset, you are simply betting on the direction of the price. You only need to put up a small amount of the trade value to open that position.

Here at TeraFX, we give you more options which means more opportunities. With Spread betting you can go long and short, ensuring you are able to take full advantage of any conditions the Markets throw your way. But remember if market moves against you can also incur losses and for professional clients losses can exceed deposits due to trading on margin.

What’s the difference between Spread betting and CFD trading?

Both allow you to trade global financial instruments on margin, across a range of asset classes.

Spread Betting:

  • More popular in the UK.
  • No capital gains tax on profits*
  • No stamp duty to pay

*tax treatment depends on your individual circumstances, tax law can change or may differ in a jurisdiction other than the UK.


  • Available to customers globally
  • Profit subject to capital gains tax
  • No stamp duty to pay
  • Currently wider underlying asset classes range is available at Tera

Use Key Information Document (“KPI”) to better understand the nature, risks and costs of our Spread Betting, as well as your potential gains and losses. To view TeraFX KPI on Spread Bet click here.